About Culligan West Central Missouri

Welcome to Culligan of West Central Missouri. We are a family owned company with values based on integrity, safety, teamwork, and continuous improvement dedicated to exceeding customer and employee expectations. We serve the counties of Pettis, Benton, Hickory, Henry, Johnson, St. Clair, Lafayette, Ray, Saline and Carrol in Missouri with expert application, installation and service of water treatment systems.

We offer the best drinking water and the largest variety of water treatment products and services available for your home or business including water softeners, water filtration systems, reverse osmosis drinking water systems, delivered bottled water, softener salt delivery, equipment installation, and repair service. Culligan products are built to last and are backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee as well as the best trained and experienced service technicians in the industry.

Who Is Culligan Water For?

Culligan is for homeowners, businesses and commercial and industrial entities who demand more from their water at home, or need to produce quality water to ensure a great product.

If you are a homeowner, your water comes from a variety of sources, and what your home’s water can taste and smell like – or how it affects your family and health – can vary from city to city, block to block, and even house to house.

  • Did you recently move into a new home in an area with very hard water, or discover that your water did not taste or smell right?
  • Did you recently purchase a water filter from a “big box” store, only to feel misled and sold short on what contaminants were removed and the resulting quality of your filtered water?
  • Did you recently see a news brief about water contamination in your area, or have a boil water alert?
  • Did you recently start a family, and thus have become more concerned about how your drinking water is affecting your children, pets, and other loved ones?
  • Are you tired of water problems throughout your home not related to taste or smell, such as spotty glassware, dry skin and hair, or mildewy bathroom tiles?
  • Are you a business owner/office manager that wants a no-hassle plan to provide their employees with great-tasting, filtered water?

One thing always holds true. If you are not sure, GET YOUR WATER TESTED. It’s FREE. Culligan is always committed to giving you the solution you need that best fits your budget. We offer rental and financing options for those in need of them.

Award Winning, Innovative Products

  • HE® Water Softeners rated a Consumer’s Digest “Best Buy”
  • Culligan’s High Efficiency Water Softener (HE) is up to 46%** more efficient than any other water softeners on the market.

Our Promise To You

  • We provide options to fit every budget
  • We offer lifetime warranties on many products
  • We will service all Culligan® products, and most other major brands

History of Culligan Water

When Emmett J. Culligan founded the Culligan Zeolite Company in 1936, it was with the idea of making conditioned water available to homeowners. He not only pioneered new water treatment methods, but based his business on a service model. He established a network of franchises, a strategy that helped the company grow far beyond the Northbrook, IL community where it was founded.

With the founding of the company came the Culligan brand, one that has grown from local word-of-mouth acknowledgment to national recognition, thanks to print ads in Life Magazine in 1947 and radio commercials introducing Hey Culligan Man!® in 1958. As our recognition grew, franchises expanded, and product lines broadened, we changed our name to reflect our growth, first to Culligan, Inc. in 1952, followed by Culligan International Company in 1970.

In the years since, Culligan has evolved into a world leader, creating innovations that have helped shape the water industry while setting standards for quality improvement and customer service.

In 2007, our headquarters moved to a new building in Rosemont, Ill., with the only analytical laboratory certified by the State of Illinois EPA to be compliant with National Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Conference standards, setting the stage for new advancements and future growth. In 2008, we reinforced our commitment to making the world a safer place to live by introducing new products with improved efficiencies that are better for the environment.

* Contaminants may not be in your water

** Savings reflect typical annual usage for a family of four in a house where water hardness varies. 46% less versus a time clock regeneration softener.